Who is simon callow dating ben and charlie 1972 online dating

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Who is simon callow dating

He was a BBC TV script editor in the Seventies, has taught script writing at the National Film School, and is the author of three novels and numerous plays for TV and theatre (including 'HRH', currently being directed by Simon Callow).

He is married with three children and lives in south London SIMON CALLOW: It was 1975 and I was doing a play in the West End with Harry Secombe which was coming to an end.

I think he's the friend I'm most relaxed with, though our friendship is based on intellectual talk about the books we've read, the plays we've seen.He wanted to stress the mystic element and I was happy to liberate that.I think other people had tried to rationalise his plays.We're both bound up with the fact that we're theatre people. SNOO WILSON: Simon was in a play of mine called The Soul of the White Ant, which has a plot which is hard to describe unblushingly.We're very different, but we both have a great desire to break away from ordinary naturalism and drag in a bit of poetry if we can find it. It was a very interesting experience, because he was actually exorcising his father who had lived in South Africa: he had these photographs of his father wearing baggy tropical shorts, which he brought in for a bit of local colour.

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We don't live in each other's pockets, but we have many friends in common and we see them.