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Early Life Victoria Caroline Adams was born on April 17, 1974 to Anthony and Jacqueline Adams at the Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex and raised in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire. She was embarrassed by her family's wealth and often begged her father not to drop her off outside the school in their Rolls Royce.Beckham's father was an electronics engineer and the success of the family business meant a wealthy upbringing for Victoria and her siblings, Louise and Christian. "Although my parents were comfortable – we always had holidays and a nice car- we weren’t rolling in it." Victoria said that during her schooling days, she was a victim of bullying, having been made to feel like an outsider. I didn't have any friends." Victoria’s talent for drama arose while she was a pupil at Goaff’s Poak Junior Middle Scholl, where she landed the leading role in The Pied Piper."I think I must have been a kind of jealous, because Louise has loads of friends and boyfriends and was always very popular.At one point, I had hardly any friends at all, so I used to hang around with my sisters and her mates.But I was a real Bros fan and had stars and stripes jeans like the ones they wore.I remember screaming and going mental at one of their concerts because I was convinced I was going to marry Matt Goss." After graduating at 17-years-old, Victoria went to attend Laine Arts Theatre College in the Surrey town of Epsom, studying dance and modelling.In November 2002, five people were arrested after another plot for her kidnap was infiltrated by a tabloid newspaper.Videotapes were recorded showing that they were to ambush them outside their home and to sedate the family with chloroform, and have them pay a ransom of £5 million (.5 million).

Victoria didn’t really stand out as an amazingly dynamic person.In November 2000, the Spice Girls release their third and last studio album before the split, Forever. In September 2001, she releases her first autobiography Learning to Fly, which shoots up to the top of the best-seller charts in the UK.Victoria releases her first single, Not Such An Innocent Girl, from self-titled album, Victoria Beckham.It was revealed that after a reporter had shown her a picture of David Beckham she didn't know who he was: "I didn't really know who he was.I was never into football." - W Magazine (August 2007) "I had no idea who he was, but I remember thinking one word: gorgeous." - The British's Sun Newspaper (March 1997) Before meeting Victoria , David Beckham had made known of Victoria when he saw her in Spice Girls' music video Say You'll Be There.

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