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It helps one to see things that would otherwise have been missed as in the wider countryside the eye is drawn on to more interesting looking sites.It also provides a little exercise for the relatively housebound.Gathering all the data together was just one part of the project, as we launched a consultation into data sharing with the Sussex beetle recording community.

This was a great opportunity to complete digitising Peter’s notebooks, as well as being an opportunity to look into how ‘Open Data’ works within biological recording and what challenges might face us in the future, including discussing with other Sussex Coleoptera recorders about making their data open and available on the internet.

The larvae feed on ash, privet (Ligustrum vulgare), lilac and other members of the Oleaceae family and, rather unusually for insects of this kind, the adults browse on leaves of the same plants.

There is a characteristic grazed patch towards the top right of the picture above.

The picture is of a female and while males are found occasionally, the species is said to be mainly parthenogenetic.

This record, which may be a first for Sussex, shows the value of walking round the house several times a day and looking out for anything interesting.

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From here you can download species data as well as look at it online and carry out analysis using the in-built atlas tools.

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