Sons of guns daughter dating

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Sons of guns daughter dating

Ford said Hayden was first arrested because a woman who used to be a personal assistant for the family told police she discovered the reality star passionately kissing his young daughter on the couch.

“He threatened to kill [the personal assistant],” Ford told Dr. Ford said she initially defended her father because he asked her to and because her sister was adamant that the abuse stories were untrue.

He’s currently being held on 0,000 bond by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department, but even if he posts bond he’s headed straight back to jail in Livingston.

“[The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office] currently has a ‘hold’ placed on Hayden – meaning, once he makes bond in [East Baton Rouge], he’ll be transferred back to the Livingston Parish Detention Center,” Livingston police explained in a press release.

“Stephanie has some demons she has to work through right now, and I am going to be as helpful as I can because she needs that support and needs that room. “I want to give my support to the people that have been damaged by Will.

Especially the young ladies, they have had something taken from them that is irreplaceable.

Hayden has been charged in Livingston with aggravated rape and indecent behavior with a juvenile.Stephanie and Kris’ arrest comes months after her father, Will Hayden, was arrested for child molestation.A woman told detectives she saw Hayden naked and kissing a young girl inside his Greenwell Springs Road home.The Discovery Channel canceled “Sons of Guns” shortly after Hayden’s arrest. Stephanie Hayden, who also starred in the recently cancelled Discovery reality show ‘Sons Of Guns’, is reportedly set to provide information to law enforcement in the coming days to aid in her father’s prosecution.

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Ford said another family member was abused by Hayen as well—twice—at the age of 12, and a friend of hers also revealed she had been abused by Hayden and forced to kiss him.

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