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Sex dating list

If you and your partner are used to having just the two of you do the tango, why not add some toys to spice up your sex life—even just once?If you’re feeling not-so-frisky about the idea, try some lubes first, or have your man watch you play with your vibrator.After all, many forms of rope playing involve spanking and power play.

If not, then you can just simply laugh at the ridiculous scripted moves and predictable storyline.

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Things happen so fast—and before you know it, the moment is gone.

Better yet, go on a cruise around the Caribbean—and if you don’t have a lover on the trip with you, why not open yourself up to meeting a billionaire along the way? Draw a warm bath and take out those aromatic oils to make the experience even more sensual. So why not brush up on your handwriting and get some special stationery to pen something erotic to your partner?

Then, lead your special someone to the bathtub as you both undress—and don’t forget the flower petals and tea light candles. If you’re good at drawing, you can even give your partner an illustrated preview of what you will do to each other that night.

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[Read: 10 popular moves from porn men love and women hate! Instead of welcoming home your partner with a whip and taking him or her to a bed tied with lace cuffs, start your adventure into BDSM very early in the day.