Scott disick dating kim kardashian funny dating website bios

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Scott disick dating kim kardashian

” Another glaring indication that Hollywood Lies, as it’s known, concocted these sentences is that in second quotes, the supposed “source” refers to Kardashian as “Kourtney,” but then 16 words later, in the third sentence, calls her “Kourt” (below).

Kourt has banned Sofia from meeting the kids despite how serious things are getting between Sofia and Scott.” You’ll notice all three of those sentences in a row go out of their way to mention the three’s subjects names in each phrase. But let’s delve in a little more into the article’s first three quotations.

Scott feels like Kourtney is ruining his holidays with her jealous, petty ban of Sofia.” Further down in Hollywood Lies’ work of fiction, the website brings up Kardashian’s boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

The outlet’s beyond suspect “source” allegedly tells the blog, “Scott made it clear to Kourtney that he feels the same way about her boyfriend Younes as she does about Sofia.

This is hardly the hundredth time Gossip Cop has caught Hollywood Life making up fake quotations.

Sadly, this is a very common practice by that site, which we have called out repeatedly for fabricating articles about a slew of celebrities.

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Kourtney Kardashian is worried about her ex partner Scott Disick.