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One tree hill 6x16 online dating

You should be thanking me for giving you life." Brooke's mother, Victoria Anne Montgomery, was in love with a man of lower status to herself and her parents Mr and Mrs Montgomery didn't approve of their relationship and pushed her to leave her boyfriend and instead marry Ted Davis the son of the wealthy; Robert Davis Sr.After her marriage to Ted, Victoria's dreams collapse when she learned she was pregnant.Much to their surprise, however, Brooke gave birth to twin sons Davis and Jude Baker later in the season. And one morning, your father and I got a little surprise. If I couldn't have my dream, your father couldn't have his, either."When I was your age, I dreamed of having a clothing line ,of having a business. I probably took it out on you a little too much along the way, but you know what?Brooke's reputation around school continued into her junior year where she continued to head the cheer leading squad but her eye was caught by Lucas Scott, the newest member of the Ravens team and the half-brother of Nathan Scott.

As the two grew older, they grew closer and began to think of each other as sisters with the motto "hoes over bros" as they believed boys could never interfere with their close friendship.Both brothers have a love of basketball, but when Lucas moves from playing in the park to playing for the varsity team, they must deal with the fact that they have to see each other.Aside from having to deal with his issues with Nathan on the court, Lucas must also deal with the fact that Peyton Sawyer, his long-time crush, is dating Nathan (Something not lost on Nathan) & being dropped into a new circle of friends alongside his best friend Haley a Teen Drama about two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, living in the fictional town of Tree Hill, NC.Lucas was abandoned at birth by their father Dan Scott, and lives as a loner with his mom and his father's elder brother Keith serving as his father figure.

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The first four seasons of the show focus on the main characters' lives through their high school years.