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In this article, we’ll share some of those tips and tricks we discovered working with customers on real-world migrations.

When deciding to migrate an application from on-premises to the cloud (or to create a new application on a cloud service), there are several aspects of the application architecture that need to be considered: The questions and concerns we heard most frequently during the migration labs tended to revolve around these four areas.

If you're making the move to blob storage hosted on the Azure cloud, migrate with the backing of a third-party platform built on Azure itself.

Both secure and fast, Cloudiway's migration tools are all Saa S-based, so there's nothing to install.

The truth is that architectural patterns in the context of distributed computing are equally valid for applications architected for on-premises deployment or Azure deployment.

No matter whether your application is running on-premises or in the cloud, the operations management team needs data that will enable them to make effective decisions.

As students and followers of cloud computing, we’re tremendously excited about Microsoft Azure.

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