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The sartorial details of the picture are as telling as any that Lichfield produced for Vogue – more so, possibly, when you see Her Majesty's well-polished stout shoes and traditional tweeds, which nevertheless look positively chic four decades on (and every bit as influential for subsequent designers, including Miuccia Prada, as Talitha Getty was to Yves Saint Laurent).The Queen's affection for animals is apparent in another of Lichfield's portfolio from the same Balmoral weekend; surrounded by four of her black Labradors, one of them on back legs, paws embracing her Royal Stewart kilt, she caresses the dog's head with tenderness.Other notable inclusions in Martin Harrison's selection are of the Queen aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia in March 1972; one showing her studying a red box of official papers, her Private Secretary, Sir Martin Charteris, at her side.The lateness of the hour is suggested by the drawn curtains and her evening gown; the chintz furnishings adding a touch of domesticity to the scene of diligent hard work.

Often unfairly cast as lacking depth – a deb's delight trading on his society connections – Lichfield was as adept at capturing the face of a London tramp as the St Tropez wedding of Mick and Bianca Jagger in 1971 (though it is a measure of his social credentials that he also gave away the bride that day).Cruising in public places has been part of gay life for centuries.Men of all different kinds, including many that you might never meet on the gay scene, converge at cruising spots – and all with the same aim in mind.Second, Lichfield's shot of the Queen on her way to the State Opening of Parliament in November 1971, her smile as radiant as her diamond tiara, glamorous within the dark surround of a ceremonial carriage, yet somehow at the heart of her nation.Photographs provide us with an intrinsic and privileged access to memory,' observes Martin Harrison, while also acknowledging that 'nothing about Lichfield is as it appears on the surface'.

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