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Dating scan today

We get our first, fuzzy glimpse of the person (it's not twins) who's been treating my wife's internal organs like a bouncy castle these past few weeks. But seeing it on camera, it now feels even less real. Before I can protest, she points out the foetal heartbeat, a tiny flitting butterfly of light behind what looks like an elbow.

A creature which isn't quite recognisable as human is waving at us - actually waving - and I am stunned. I've seen ultrasound pictures before, so had some idea of what to expect.

Another film pops into my mind - it's Scanners, the horror classic where an unborn child reads the mind of its father and causes his nose to bleed.

I stop thinking about films, and instead start thinking, 'Nice baby...

I realise this is how we all started: bobbing and rolling about in pleasantly warm soup. A cosy, private world of your own, where life is nothing but a dream getting louder.

All I can think of is that scene near the start of Ghostbusters in which Bill Murray sees the ghost of a beautiful woman reading books in a library - but when she turns towards him, her features mutate into a screaming skull of death.

Prospective parents be warned: at 12 weeks you'll see eye-sockets but no eyes.

All morning a carnival of outlandish what ifs has been parading through my mind: What if there's no head? Once in, there's a lack of ceremony that takes us both by surprise.

With the air of a car mechanic's 'Pop the boot, love, let's have a look', Janine commands a hoisting of T-shirt, slops on cold goo and a thing that looks like a supermarket barcode reader and twists the screen towards us.

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But after a previous loss at 33 weeks where we found out during an Ultrasound.....

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