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Midst flashes of three-dimensional chess and non-Euclidean geometry, the cross-referenced multi-level comic book had been born. succeeded in creating, with That was the beginning of the whole hullabaloo for EC. There were people out there who really didn’t like the idea that we were doing something for kids … First, several people in Massachusetts complained to Massachusetts Attorney General George Fingold.By employing ever increasing elements of parody and satire. [that] made fun of things that were supposed to be sacred, like Santa Clause. On December 18, 1953, Fingold called for the Massachusetts Governor’s Council to ban the comic book within the state on the grounds it desecrated Christmas.In The Art of Harvey Kurtzman, the Mad Genius of Comics, by Denis Kitchen and Paul Buhle, Kurtzman explains the style developed for Satire and parody work best when what you are talking about is accurately targeted; or to put it another way, satire and parody work only when you reveal a fundamental flaw or untruth in our subject.Just as there was a treatment of reality in those war books, there was a treatment of reality running through MAD; the satirist/parodist tries not to just entertain his audience but to remind it of what the real world is like. The first issue featured several stories and included spoofs of pulp detectives (“My Gun is the Jury” featuring a transvestite Mickey Spillane), television (“This is Your Strife”), and fairy tales (“Little Red Riding Hood”), but it was the story entitled “The Night Before Christmas” that would cause trouble for EC Comics.So, in addition to advertising and selling back issues of the Educational titles, Bill concentrated on adding more adult titles to the Entertaining Comics line.He changed the direction of the company from juvenile humor books, romance, and westerns into science fiction, horror, and satiric comedy.

The Bible stories were soon joined by other books based on science, American history, and world history. But everything changed in August 1947, when Charlie went boating on Lake Placid with his friend Sam Irwin.Bill Gaines wanted nothing to do with his father’s business. Unfortunately, his plans derailed when he had to go off to off war in his last year of school.After the war, at the age of 25, Bill planned to return to New York University to finish his degree. With the death of his father, Bill Gaines inherited EC Comics. However, Bill did not share the same wholesome view of the industry as his father.Charlie is well known to comic fans as the originator of the four-color, saddle-stitched newsprint pamphlet that would eventually evolve into the American comic book and as the creator of Funnies on Parade and Dell Publishing’s Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics, either of which would be considered by many to be the first modern comic book.Before starting EC Comics, Charlie also worked as the co-publisher of All-American Publications, which produced books starring Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman.

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The first issue promised “Humor in a Jugular Vein.” The issue contained many parodies based on the work of Kurtzman’s co-worker Al Feldstein, who was responsible for many of EC’s horror comics. “You know how everybody’s imitating Panic was born. In the eight-page story: the original text of Clement Clarke Moore’s 1822 poem “” with new illustrations by Will Elder.