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Belinda dating

But of course I hope that one day, I’ll be able to announce that I’ve found my life partner.”Progress hasn’t exactly been smooth-sailing for the eligible bachelorette, who was previously engaged to her ex-boyfriend of six years until they called it quits in 2011.

She once told us that she won’t rule out a flash marriage and is still on the lookout for Mr. “I hope to find someone who’s able to say, ‘Let’s go out there to leave a legacy, help people and do something fun and meaningful with our lives’,” she shared.

There was also the challenging yet fulfilling part of shooting in all kinds of locations (after all, is largely a road trip series), from jungles to villages to the streets of Kuala Lumpur.“I saw so much pain and struggle, but also strength and perseverance at the same time, so I would love to be a mouthpiece for my mum and for the other people who are going through this tough time.” But the heaviness of her onscreen alter ego’s trials and tribulations took a toll on the usually effervescent star.“It gets overwhelming and emotional – even right now during this interview – because I’m constantly trying to detach myself from the role and just be Belinda without slipping back into that depressing mode,” she shared, explaining that Brenda goes through “one crisis after another”.If there was such a thing as too many handsome men in one episode of television, this would be it. The two get very flirty and as punishment for Kelsey trying to poach one of his authors, Zane invites her to a party that night. I mean, I’ve seen trumpet sleeves before but these are TRUMPET SLEEVES. (Please let it be me.) • I love that even though Liza gets a promotion, she’s still asked to stay on as Diana’s assistant. • Please imagine Diana Trout actually sitting on Barbara Walters’s lap. Ugh, Kelsey has to go on a fancy date with a fancy man who may be very sure of himself but is also a complete gentleman. In all seriousness, her life is about to get a little harder.

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